FOR THE RECORD | Fair or Unfair? Anderson Cooper’s critique of the Philippine response to Yolanda

This isn’t to criticize the Filipino people. It’s pure facts. The Philippine government is so freaking corrupt. I don’t know how they can sleep at night knowing that there are thousands of people missing. The reality of it all. Thanks Anderson Cooper for showing how it really is, people need to realize this. I think this is completely Fair. If you’re butt-hurt, then you need to wake the fuck up.

New Beginnings!



Cheers to new beginnings! Since my last post I’ve gotten a new job. And boy, has it been busy! I consider myself very lucky to have gotten this position. It was so scary leaving my job, and negotiating a salary or what have you. But I don’t regret it one bit. I’m now part of the advertising industry. AND IIII LOOOOVEE IT. There’s so many cool things that we do. Asides from drinking, of course. My first week, there were about  4 “celebrations” that happened. Coincidence, most likely.

Anyway yall,

I’m heading on a plane and going to Hawaii! I’ve never been, so i’m very excited. Hoping to get some cool pictures from my trip. Until next time!

image (3)


image (4)


image (2)

image (3)

The Setlist:


  • Holy Grail
  • Give It To Me
  • Rock Your Body
  • MJ into IZZO
  • Excuse Me Miss
  • Senorita
  • On To The Next One
  • Like I Love You
  • My Love
  • Big Pimpin
  • Tunnel Vision


  • Jigga What, Jigga Who
  • U Don’t Know
  • 99 Problems/ Walk This Way
  • Blow The Whistle (tribute to Bay Area)
  • PSA
  • Hard Knock Life
  • Heart of The City (I wish he did Song Cry instead)

Justin Timberlake

  • Pusher Love
  • Summer Love
  • Love Stoned
  • Until the End of Time
  • Cry Me a River
  • Take Back The Night
  • What Goes Around


  • Dirt Off Your Shoulder
  • N*ggas in Paris
  • Tom Ford
  • NY NY/ Empire State of Mind
  • Mirrors
  • Run This Town
  • Encore
  • Sexy Back
  • Suit & Tie
  • Forever Young

Legends of The Summer Tour: Candlestick Park



Yes, I am so excited for this concert tonight. I made a playlist that I can listen to at work so I can prep for the concert. I did my research on Google and Wikipedia and the setlist includes two of my favorite songs from each artist: Song Cry and Senorita. Of course, this is all based on the last few concerts and its not guaranteed that they will be performing such songs, but I really hope they do.

Also, I hope JT gives away another pair of his Red Jordan 1’s — if you follow on his instagram, he signs each shoe with the date and the city where he performs and he takes a picture that gives you a clue as to where the shoe is and whoever finds it, keeps it. Read here. I wouldn’t be so lucky, but that would be so dope if i found the pair!

It is going to be a busy night in SF Bay Area because of the Giants/Cubs game at 7:15, the Oakland A’s game at 7:05pm, and the John Mayer Concert at 7:30pm at Shoreline — meaning the traffic will be insane along US-101, I-80, and possible 280. Ticketmaster even suggested taking public transportation—-WAIT, do they not know that Candlestick Park is only thee closest to the hood? Yeah, we will drive. You won’t catch me walking around Bayview/Hunter’s Point especially after the concert. But you can read more info about other means of transportation here.

To those who are going, see you there!

San Francisco Giants

I had the pleasure of going to the Giants game last Monday, courtesy of my work. My boss gave me two tickets to the game on Saturday, because of being such a trooper and helping out with any random tasks to get stuff done! See what happens when you work hard? You get recognized!




Unfortunately, it was a very disappointing game. Timmy was starting, and I had high hopes since he did just pitched a no-hitter (here). However, it just did not pan out. (here) I left after the 6th inning (also because i was sick) but i had hoped that it would be worth it to see Timmy pitch.  Right now this is where we stand in the NL West, *sigh, second to last.  I do hate that we are starting to have this tradition of being World Series Champs, and then completely sucking the following year. Let’s get it together G-men!


Still, I had the best time. I did see Lou-Seal–whooooo hooo–and I was pretty excited with the fact that a foul ball could come near us.. Not to mention the fact that I was very warm and cozy because this time around, the boyfriend and I packed the necessities. I think we’re getting rather good at packing stuff for the ball game. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Gloves
  2. Double jackets
  3. Knitted beanies
  4. Water bottles
  5. Snacks: Uncrustables, Sunflower seeds, peanuts, Popeyes chicken wrap haha
  7. Baseball Mitts — (if you are sitting in foulball territory)

Tech: Google Pays $600K To Give Free Wi-Fi To 31 San Francisco Parks


What do you guys think about this?

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

31 San Francisco playgrounds, plazas, recreation centers, and parks are getting two years of free Wi-Fi thanks to a $600,000 gift from Google with no strings attached, Mayor Ed Lee announced today. Pending approvals, installations could start in November and be done by April 2014. The gift is designed to empower citizens and community groups, and serve as a pilot for city-wide free Wi-Fi.

Six years ago, San Francisco, EarthLink, and Google tried to set up a Wi-Fi network for the whole city, but Mayor Gavin Newsom, the Board of Supervisors, and the companies couldn’t agree on a contract. The program was derailed partly because of public and officials’ fears that these tech companies would profit. The initiative announced today, spearheaded by Supervisor Mark Farrell in conjunction with SF’s Department Of Technology and Ron Conway’s, includes no plan for Google to make money.

San Francisco Free WiFi In the ParksGoogle’s $600,000 gift will pay for…

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I’ve always considered myself a student. There’s just something feel-good about learning something new. Since graduation (back in January), I’ve been feeling “some type of way.” I feel dissatisfied that my brain isn’t being challenged as it used to. In other words, I feel like i’m getting dumber by the minute. I know, that’s probably impossible. Call me a nerd, but I miss having that A-HA! moment when something you were learning finally makes sense and you can put it into perspective.

I’d go back to get my Master’s but I can’t afford the tuition. Plus, i’m still making student loan payments. So what to do when you want to learn but can’t afford to go back to school? Coursera. Coursera makes education within reach. It’s free! And they work with top-universities to provide top-notch education accessible for everyone. Above is some of the classes i’m hoping to start. They have a wide-range of courses that could fit a number of different personalities. Check them out!

Education shouldn’t be so difficult to get.